In May 2016, I self-published a book of photographic work spanning 6 months of spontaneous car travel around Texas & New Mexico.


"Sometimes I have ideas about a place before I've ever been- the way it may look, feel, or smell.  I reach back into my mind and sift through all of things that my past has already informed me about this place until it becomes a myth in my mind. I recall scenes from my own childhood spent traveling with my family, noir films from the 1950's-70's, old Folk & Blues records, and American iconography.

Sometimes the story I've created about this place becomes so colorful in my mind, that I pack enough socks for 11 days of driving and I get in my truck with the ultimate intention of allowing these places to reveal their true story to me. 

Renaissance Of Wonder is a personal study of Highway Culture, guided by self-informed myth and idealized American iconography. The work is intended to preserve the mythology behind these places both individually, and as a greater dialogue about the mystery and wonder of life. As our created landscapes change and evolve, and economies and towns shift, what will the future hold for the spaces we create for ourselves? How does our past inform our future? What happens with what we leave behind? And finally, is it our wonder that fuels us?"


Renaissance Of Wonder can be purchased through Amazon by clicking here